A cabinet of curiosities is an antiquated concept for a museum centred around a collection of rare artefacts and curiosities. Puppeteers Alice-Therese Gottschalk (FAB-Theater), Raphael Mürle (Figuren Theater Pforzheim) and Frank Soehnle (Figuren Theater Tübingen), all disciples of the internationally renowned master puppeteer Albrecht Roser, convene as a trio to improve upon and intensify their puppeteering skills collectively. The exhibits in a cabinet of curiosities were meant to demonstrate the universal connection between all things and to impart a perception of a world in which history, art, nature and science all fused to create a oneness, it represented awareness gained through diverse sensory observations. From this standpoint, the many-facetted medium of the marionette also presents the audience member with a cabinet of curiosities – – 2013

Two first-aid workers and their intervention dog let you discover their job. You dive with them in action and are taken on an atypical track to discover how they respond to emergencies, presented on top of a wall or in a window… – – 2016

Normally you can never see Zonhoria, it’s a land on the horizon. But now Zonhoria and the people that live there suffer from the polution, and they stopped mooving. By walking through the forest you can meet the people from Zonhoria, see how they live and why they suffer and stopped their nomad life. This photo shows the nurse of Zonhoria. She cultivates, nourishes and looks after the baby-Zonhorianen – – 2012

Normally paper is written full of storys. But in this performance Alice Therese Gottschalk uses paper as her storyteller. Paper is folded, creased and crumpled, used for maskes and marionnettes. In various scenes paper and percussion narrate together about transience – – 2016

Triple Buse interrogates us on our prejudices and complexities in human relations. In the hearth of a dilivering factory of balloons, three employees their job is to inflate, pack and deliver their packages all day long. But one morning, against all expectations, one of the employees decides not to work anymore… – – 2014

Dear travallers, Congratulations ! You’ve booked an 8-journey trip to the sun . De Zwenkel-Verbussche is happy to welcome you on this excellent trip. Included : transport by bus (royal class seats, moveble backseats, foldable table and cup holder), dutch speaking guides and countless landscapes. Not included : coffee (1euro), vegetarian and normal snacks, extra insurance, unexpacted not mentioned trips, cleaning of the carpet. Please note : be 15min in advance for boarding and be in possession of a valid identity-card – – 2013

In a closed room without walls, we witness a symbiotic friendship between two men. Life is simple, all seems perfect. Until one of them disappears… This Appearing Life is a site specific physical theatre for two actors and one musician. A collaboration between Kokliko’Theater and De Zeepcompagnie – – 2011

‘La Serre’ directed by Valentin Duhamel, is an adaption of the play ‘Théâtre Décomposé ou l’Homme poubelle’ by Matei Visniec. In an absurd reality three persons decomposing completely… – – 2011

For the festical ‘Planeet Malem’ Circusplaneet made a new performance, DUST. 15 young and older circusartists make the borders between theatre and circus fade away in a story about frienship and power. About being strong together and different. In a world where the water storige is almost dry – – 2016

The Sisters Fleur and Fifi adore souvenirs. According to them for every nice memories you need a little object. They can talk about their souvenirs for houres. Visit their atelier and you’ll be a ble to take your own souvenir-button with you – – 2014

This costume is made of foam and has a metal skeleton in it to keep it in shape – 2007

A lonely young woman lives in a high-rise building. A high-rise building plenty of people… – – 2010

In this performance, written by Frankolijn, the main character meats different creatures. The actors had basic tissue costumes, but different paper accessoires and clothes helped to create the different characters – 2009

This is my Bachelor Final Project, a performance that starts with a man seated in a dirty and wrinkled costume. By pulling different leads he inserts dirty bruises and pulls open the wrinkled costume so he changes into a man with a perfect suit. Afterwards all was ‘rewinded’ by video to uptain again the dirty state of the costume – 2007

‘Teresias and Dreams’ is a surreal performance made out of our own dreams and Apolinaire’s play ‘Les mamelles de Teresias’. Most of the costumes are made from cut up garments that are again put together in a surreal order or from paper, as much of the puppetry and scenography consists – 2008


Some costumes I designed and created for different projects.