puppets, objects

I created this dragon in a very short time for the video clip ‘On Fire’ from Loïc Nottet

2 little brothers, a mountain of splinters and sharp objects, and frightened mothers. I created different sizes of puppets for the new performance of ‘tal en thee’ – http://www.talenthee.be/Figurentheater_Tal_en_Thee/Tal_en_Thee___Extra_info___De_Roofkes_1.html – 2018

B.I.G. Is a performance about growing. One puppet, manipulated by three actors. One puppet that keeps on growing. Untill she’s no longer manageable – http://www.ultima-thule.be/wordpress/b-i-g/ – 2017

The flow. The flow connects us all. If we want it or not. It doesn’t matter where we come from of where we go to. It doesn’t matter who we are or clame who we are. We are in it together. Allready for a very long time. And we will be for even longer – http://www.ultima-thule.be/wordpress/de-stroom/ – 2017

Max is a boy of 8 years old without superforces. His parents just split up, the place were everything was one is now broken. He now lives twice in the city, twice in an appartmentbuilding, twice on the 21st flour. Everything has changed, and also Max will have to change. Without him noticing all woun’t stay broken for ever – http://www.ultima-thule.be/wordpress/3498-2/ – 2016

‘Nerf’ is the story of Frans and Hélène, both of them 106 years old. Of these 106 years, they spend 80 of them together. An oak weddings that’s called. But when at night Frans looks at his wife,he doesn’t see Hélène anymore. He sees here shape but very badly colered in… He decides to escape from the home were there living and on his journey memories come alive. Between them, he will find Hélène. http://www.ultima-thule.be/wordpress/voorstellingen-2010-11/nerf/ – 2013

‘Act without words II’ of Samuel Beckett is my Final Master Project, a performance with two puppets and a manipulator. The puppets have the same form but are made from a different material. Here you see the wooden one, the other one is made of wad of cotton wool. By this totally different material the puppets move in a different way and this gives a completely different atmosphere – 2008

We are in Flanders, around 1950. A poor region with no opportunity to earn any money. Gaston, a little boy, has a friend : King Arthur, his grandfathers canary. Grandfather went avery day with the train to La Louviere. To the cole mines in Wallonië. Canaries also go to the mines, beaucause then you know if there is mine gas, when they drop death – http://www.ultima-thule.be/wordpress/voorstellingen-2010-11/spoor/ – 2014

Linus is a porformance of TANK! bases on the book ‘Linus’ of Mieke Versyp, Pieter Gaudesaboos and Sabien Clement. A book about a boy Linus and his (inventive?) brother Boris. Linus was played by an actor and for the brother we used a puppet. A wooden puppet Linus made himself from different pieces of wood and wooden furniture, aswell as he made a wolf, a witch and many other characters who appear in the stories Boris tells Linus – http://www.vzwtank.be/ – 2012

Oosterlengte is a performance about children living here in the western world and on the other side of the world. All the puppets are made from tissue (with a foam and wooden body) both the western and African puppets, but I made them look different by using another kind of tissue, not another kind of color… – http://www.ultima-thule.be/wordpress/oosterlengte/ – 2010

These are some of the installations I made for Overwinteren, an exhibition which combines images and sound. While looking at, looking in, touching, sitting in installations children hear poems through audio guides. Here you see a wolf that can be manipulated to walk – http://www.casablancavzw.be – 2010

In this performance the youth harmony Jong Eendracht Aalbeke composed music for a performance based on a story of Toon Tellegen. The performance was a mix of music and theatre. Also objects and masks were involved, I made for each main character a big mask, or/and some hands, musical instruments etc. Some of the masks could move, this little boys eybrows change from sad to angry – http://www.kunstweb-kortrijk.be/http://www.cultuurcentrumkortrijk.be/ck/ – 2010

Here are 3 puppets that are not made for a performance. The wouden puppet I learned to carve in Damu, Academy of Performance Arts in Prague, with professor Robert Smolik (2007). The latex puppet is a ‘upside down’ puppet. First you see the nice puppet with nice hair and eyes, but when you lift the skirt and turn it upside down this puppet appears… It’s made of latex (after a clay model you make a mould to pour the latex in) than painted and burned (2008). The paper handpuppet I made during a workshop with Paul Contryn of Het Firmament in Mechelen (2008).

This marionette has a wooden structure and is finished with wax. I learned to make this puppet in DAMU, Academy of Performance Arts in Prague with the help of professor Robert Smolik – 2008


Designs and realisations (puppets and objects) for different projects.